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Perranport Triathlon 2015

It was Autumn but it felt as though Summer had resurrected herself for the pleasure of all concerned. Another fine event with some startlingly impressive performances by locals and visitors alike.

I’ll wager there were some who found the beach run tougher than the swim.

All the photos HERE.

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Perranporth Triathlon
Summer persisted – strong, warm and bright – relegating Autumn’s advance to a faint rustle, barely heard above the surf. The competitors gathered on the green. Already suited up, wrapped tight in neoprene they ambled to the shoreline, determinedly casual in contrast to all the flailing, splashing, swim that was to be ahead of them.

Turn out was up on last year’s event and some new faces claimed places on the podium. The daughter of the man who conceived, cajoled then organised this legendary race so many years ago was first lady home. Whoever wrote that script – well the Gods of Mount Triathlon were making sure it was followed to the letter.

All the photos HERE.

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Perranporth Triathlon 2013

Perranporth Surf Challenge Triathlon

It was with some relief – given the mountainous seas and gales force winds of some previous years – that the organisers and competitors gathered for the briefing in conditions that promised a race that everyone had a chance of completing. That’s not to detract from the challenging swim and cycle stages – or that energy sapping slog across the beach to the finish line. As you can see from the look on this chap’s face as he waded out, there’s still plenty to get anxious about on this superb surf challenge triathlon – though if he’d seen the conditions that the region’s youngest surf lifesavers had faced the day before in the Junior Aquathon he would have been counting his blessings.

Slideshows and links to images from all the action can be found by clicking here.

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If you ever wondered why it’s called the “Surf Challenge” triathlon the event yesterday will have enlightened you! For the 25th Silver anniversary this amazing event delivered action, rescues and some stunning performances that wil stick in the memories of everyone participating. A special thanks to the marshalls and water cover provided by the RNLI and Perranporth Surf Lifesaving Club for keeping everyone safe!

Click here to view the albums for each of the race sections!

Perranporth Triathlon 2012

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